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“Feel the nature on your skin” – The experience of lightness, wellness and naturalness. For most of human existence it was not possible to spin kapok into a yarn so the fibre has mostly been used as a filling in pillows. Gebr. Otto has developed a special spinning technique and in 2004 we finally managed to offer a premium yarn made with kapok in a blend with cotton.
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“An approach to a solution – reduce, reuse, recycle” – Recot²® is a blend of 25% recycled cotton with 75% virgin organic cotton. Global issues like ecology, climate protection and the use of renewable resources are getting more and more into the focus of the consumer. The aim of our project recot²® is to reduce the consumption of water and pesticides by using recycled cotton.
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The Fairtrade label ensures that the farmers are getting a fair and stable price for their cotton regardless of the world market prices. In this way production costs can be covered and the living and labour conditions are significantly improved. Furthermore a Fairtrade premium is being paid through FLO which is targeted at financing social projects.
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Bio-cotton is grown in organic farming systems according to clearly defined and world-wide recognised requirements. The standards of the GOTS ensure the organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.

The certification in accordance with the IVN Standard meet the requirements of an ecofriendly production and impose conditions that go far beyond the legal requirements.
(Licence number 2031, certified by Control Union)
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Under the bioRe® quality label, Remei AG of Switzerland produces stylish textiles made of fair organic cotton according to a transparent process chain. From farming to processing up to the finished garment, all stages of production meet strict ecological and social requirements and are monitored by independent institutions.
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